White ceramic mug with 80mm diameter. Dishwasher safe.

motive colors

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Coffee Mug "Coffeezombie"

You are not alone, my coffeine-addicted friend: You are not good for one thing than hate everyone, as long as you did not get your first cup of coffee in the morning. With this shirt you are giving a fair warning to those people who did not understand that they risk their lifes with talking to you in the morning. - 75mm x95mm - dishwasher safe

Weisse Keramiktasse mit einem Durchmesser von 80mm. Spülmaschinenfest und mikrowellengeeignet.

Do you know Kopfzirkus?

Ich bin Illustratorin aus Osnabrück. Wenn ich keine T-Shirts designe, mache ich Theaterstücke, lese/zeichne Comics und zocke mit meinem Liebsten WoW.